queueing theory, and comp utational methods

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Stone Chip Repair

The goal is to repair the damage without the need to replace the windshield. With this process we prevent the fragmentation of the glass from continuing, the structural strength of the vehicle is restored and it prevents further damage with the vibrations of use. It is very important to stop the deterioration, since the windshield contributes more than 30% of the structural strength in the event of rollovers and collisions. Another important point to highlight is that, with the repair, visual perception improves and the visual “attraction” towards the damage decreases.

Although it is an excellent technique to avoid replacing windshields, save costs and maintain the original components of the vehicle, which can increase the value of the vehicle; there are also some limitations if you want to make the change.

First, the location and characteristics of the damage must be evaluated, which are important considerations to take into account for the decision to repair. In the event that it is widespread or localized damage to a key part of the glass, the option would be to replace it.

Repair Benefits